Free Gift Card Reward Sites

gift-cards-1024x682Most reward sites offer gift cards as a form of payment.  As with paypal payments some offer instant payment and some take a little longer.   Below is a list of the best reward sites that offer free gift cards. Pretty much everyone offers amazon .com gift cards.  All these sites are FREE to join.  Simply click on the link for more information and/or to register.

DollarClix – Can get $5.00 E-gift cards with your points.

Earnably – Get amazon gift card here at their low dollar amount.

GlobalActionCash – Amazon gift card available starting at a low $2.50 goal.

InboxDollars – Has a ton of different gift card options.

InstaGC – Offers instant a variety of instant gift card payment at the low $1.00 amount.

Point Dollars – Offer amazon gift card codes at the $5.00 mark

QuickRewards – $5.00 minimum payout for Amazon gift cards.

SendEarnings – Huge inventory of gift cards including and – Can get gift cards starting at $5.00.

Swagbucks – There is a huge inventory of gift card options as low a $5.00


4 thoughts on “Free Gift Card Reward Sites

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  2. Great list. Love getting gift card from a lot of these sites.

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  3. I can’t believe how easy this is to get gift cards. Who knew?


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